Marpenoth 05, 1372


Low: 40 High: 65
Winds: From tropics at 12 mph.
With a Wind chill of 20
Precipitation: Cloudy with chance of showers
Dawn is at: 6:31
Number of daylight hours: 10.9

Items of news

  • Stogh family asking for help with their 3rd son sick and recovering from narcotics
  • Gnomes of Latan have build a flying ship and have started a voyage to waterdeep
  • Some merchants buying up pelts and leather up all over the city at reduced prices
  • Rumors of ghost sightings have been reported at the Font of Knowledge
  • Scuffle seen at local orphange, Father Koreth rumored to have hired personal guard
  • Farmers reporting less pork this year due to a sickness thats spread through livestock
  • Multiple ships being locked down by city watch
  • # The Scurvy Manta
  • # The Cry of the Serpent
  • # The Dishonor of the East
  • # The Pride of the Corsair
  • Nobels owning ships fighting watch in court tomorow



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