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It is said that the Lords rule Waterdeep but do not truly run it. This is quite true, in that there are a number of other factions who make up Waterdeep. The most noticeable are the guilds – powerful merchant and craft organizations that control much of the life-blood of the city. Once, the guilds ruled the city, and it almost destroyed itself in a series of internal commercial wars. No one wants to see those days return.

Arcane schools and practitioners

  • Blackstaff Tower
    The home of Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand and an academy of arcane apprentices.
  • Eltorchul Academy
    The magic school of Lord Thesp Eltorchul.
  • Enclave of Red Magic
    The Red Wizards of Thay use the Thayan Embassy in the Castle Ward to conduct their trade, via a portal to this enclave in Skullport.
  • Halaster’s Heirs
    A hidden academy for dark arcanists, situated on the first level of the Undermountain.
  • New Olamn
    A bardic education centre formed after Iriador “Garnet” Wintermist’s anger at the Harpers’ deviance from their original ideals.
  • Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors
    While technically one of Waterdeep’s many guilds, the Watchful Order functions primarily as a mage academy. The Watchful Order polices the use of magic within Waterdeep, encouraging wizards to use magic wisely.
    The Order provides many services to its members including a venue for trading spell components and magic items. The Order serves Waterdeep by providing spell wards for wealthy inhabitants and fire fighting through the use of water elementals. The Order also maintains important wards throughout the city.
  • Radryn’s Mage Academy
    The starting place for all of Waterdeep’s budding Mages. All schools of magic are taught here save for Necromancy, which is prohibited! The academy is run by Archmage Radryn, and his loyal sidekick Vylek!

Criminal and underground
Guild Ranks

  • Agents of the Eye
    Agents recruited to serve the Xanathar (or “the Eye”), the most powerful beholder in Waterdeep. Also known as the Xanathar Thieves’ Guild.
  • Black Boar Tribe
    A barbaric gang in the Dock Ward.
  • Bull Elk Tribe
    A gang of primarily Uthgardt barbarians led by Chief Hagar Hlutwigsson.
  • Plague Rats
    An elite organization of thieves and assassins operating mainly in the Dock Ward.
  • Savants of the Dark Tide
    A foul organisation run by aboleths deep in the Waterdeep sewer system.
  • Shadow Thieves
    The largest and most prosperous thieves’ guild in Faerûn.
  • The Unseen
    The Unseen were a group of shapechangers, illusionists, assassins, thieves and evil creatures based out of Waterdeep. They were led by a greater doppelganger known as Hlaavin, who masqueraded as the Masked Lord, Nindil Jalbuck.

Secret organizations

  • Harpers
    An organization believing in the goodness of humankind and its allies.
  • Knights of the Shield
    An organisation that exists to gather and manipulate information.
  • Kraken Society
    A secretive criminal organisation dedicated to gaining information.
  • Red Sashes
    The Red Sashes are a vigilante group that is based, as well as operates, in Waterdeep. The individual cells of the Sashes, one for each ward of the city, each answer to an authority only known as “The One”. Not an impulsive or excessively violent group, the Red Sashes aim to arrest the guilty and let free the innocent, typically when the City Watch fails in these aims.
  • Moonstars
    A group of renegade Harpers and allies of the Blackstaff.
    The Moonstars (also known as the Tel’Teukiira, the Silverstars or the Twelvestars) are a highly secretive group of individuals formed by Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun with the aim of unifying the humans and other races (especially elves) against the forces of evil.

List of registered guilds

  • Baker’s Guild
  • Carpenters’, Roofers’, & Plaisterers’ Guild
  • Cellarers and Plumbers Guild
  • Coopers’ Guild
  • Council of Farmer-Grocers
  • Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, & Choristers
  • Dungsweepers’ Guild
  • Fellowship of Bowers & Fletchers
  • Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen
  • Fellowship of Innkeepers
  • Fellowship of Salters, Packers, & Joiners
  • Fishmongers’ Fellowship
  • Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians
  • Guild of Butchers
  • Guild of Chandlers & Lamplighters
  • Guild of Fine Carvers
  • Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers, & Speculum-makers
  • Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, & Tile-makers
  • Guild of Trusted Pewterers & Casters
  • Guild of Watermen
  • Jewelers’ Guild
  • Launderers’ Guild
  • League of Basketmakers & Wickerworkers
  • League of Skinners & Tanners
  • Loyal Order of Street Laborers
  • Master Mariners’ Guild
  • Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers
  • Most Diligent League of Sail-makers & Cordwainers
  • Most Excellent Order of Weavers & Dyers
  • Order of Cobblers & Corvisers
  • Order of Master Shipwrights
  • Order of Master Tailors, Glovers & Mercers
  • Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Guild
  • Scriveners’, Scribes’, & Clerks’ Guild
  • Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen
  • Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, & Finesmiths
  • Stablemasters’ & Farriers’ Guild
  • Stationers’ Guild
  • Surveyors’, Map & Chart-makers’ Guild
  • Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild
  • Wagonmakers’ & Coach Builders’ Guild


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